Application on spring cereals (spring barley)
Application of the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® as a formulation for seed treatment (application rate 0.5 L/t) results in:
  • formation of a protective coating around the seed, thus protecting against negative influence of the environment and impediment of superficial infection development (Alternaria blight, Helminthosporium blight, Fusarium blight and others);
  • enhancing of biological product and seed dresser effect;
  • relieve of inhibitory effect of pesticides on the buds of plants;
  • increase of germination rate and field germination of seeds up to 10%;
  • enhancing of the active development of root system and sprouts.

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Application of the complex micronutrient fertilizer for seed treatment LURS® Hit (application rate 0.5-1.0 L/t) provides balanced nutrition for young sprouts with all the necessary macro- and micronutrients. Besides, it results in:
  • increase of seed germination energy up to 17%;
  • increase of seed germination up to 15%;
  • increase of growth energy;
  • enhancing of vegetative mass of plants.
Application of the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® from tillering stage until milky ripeness stage inclusively (application rate 0.5 L/ha) results in:
  • acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues, plants absorb more intensively food compounds from the soil and from micronutrient fertilizers when applying foliar feeding, fertilizing effectiveness is increased by 30%;
  • elimination of phytotoxic effects of herbicides and rapid relieve plant from stress, that makes itself evident in an intense growth of vegetative mass;
  • enhancing of the efficacy of pesticides and fertilizers by 20-30%;
  • activation of soil microorganism development by 1.5 – 2 times;
  • enhancing of heat and drought resistance of plants;
  • increase of productivity and quality of grains.
Adding of the complex universal micronutrient fertilizer LURS® multikompleks (application rate 1.0-2.0 L/ha) at this time provides the plant with all the necessary nutrients, regardless of changes in weather conditions or the physiological state of the soil.

Application of the micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin manganese (application rate 2.0-3.0 L/ha) at tillering stage results in:
  • increase of ear length;
  • increase of grain number per ear by 9-12%;
  • increase of the protein content by 3%.
Application of the micronutrient fertilizers LURS® (S, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mg) is conducted when there is deficiency of the corresponding elements.

According to the data of leading research institutions:
  • seed pretreatment: VIMPEL® + LURS® Hit increases productivity by 650 kg/ha or 21%;
  • if adding to the previous scheme VIMPEL® stimulator during tillering period, extra yield amounts to 850 kg/ha;
  • during the next treatment with VIMPEL® formulation at the stage of flag leaf extra yield amounts to 1,070 kg/ha, after application of LURS® multikompleks extra yield is 1,540 kg/ha or 28%.
Application of the recommended cultivation technology of spring crops (seed treatment followed by treatments during tillering stage and in the phase of flag leaf formation)provides the most substantial economic effect. Yield increase amounts to 600 – 1,800 kg/ha with improved quality indexes.