Application on legumes (soybeans, peas)

Application of the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® (application rate 0.5 L/t) as a formulation for planting material treatment and complex micronutrient fertilizer LURS®Hit (application rate 1.0-1.5 L/t) results in:
  • formation of a protective coating around the seed, protects against the negative influence of the environment and impedes the development of superficial infections;
  • seeds being less sensitive to the soil-applied pesticide effect, which is reflected positively on the sprout simultaneousness;
  • increase of the root gall amount almost twice and their weight – more than 3.5 times;
  • increase of the germination energy and field germination rate up to 8%;
  • activation of the root system and sprout development, thus leading to increase of vegetative mass of plants;
  • increase of leaf surface area.

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Application of plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® in the phase from 3-5 ternate leaves till the phase of pod formation (application rate 0.5 L/ha):
  • accelerates the metabolic processes in tissues, plants absorb more intensively food compounds from the soil and from micronutrient fertilizers when applying foliar feeding, fertilizing effectiveness is increased by 30%;
  • increases the weight of root tubers by 41%;
  • eliminates in tank mix with herbicide phytotoxic effects of the latter and rapidly relieves plant from stress, which is evident through the intense growth of vegetative mass;
  • enhances the efficacy of pesticides by 20-25%;
  • leads to creation of the enhanced photosynthetic capacity through the formation of lateral shoots and leaves, so the plants form by 35-40% more beans and seeds;
  • enhances heat and drought resistance of plants.
Adding of the complex universal micronutrient fertilizer LURS® multikompleks (application rate 1.0-2.0 L/ha) at this time provides the plant with all the necessary nutrients, regardless of changes in weather conditions or the physiological state of the soil.

Application of micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin molibdenum (application rate 0.3-0.5 L/ha) in the phase of 3 – 5 ternate leaves results in:
  • increase of the amount of tubers by 13% and their weight by 1.5 times;
  • increase of the amount of beans and their plumpness.
Application of micronutrient fertilizers LURS® (B, S, Fe, Zn, Mn, Со, Mg) is conducted when there is deficiency of the corresponding elements.

According to the data of leading research institutions:
  • seed pretreatment: VIMPEL®+LURS® Hit increases productivity on average by 210 kg/ha or 10%;
  • if adding to the previous scheme treatment in the phase of 3– 5 ternate leaves with the stimulator VIMPEL® and in the phase of bud formation VIMPEL®+ LURS® multikompleks extra yield will amount to 470 – 730 kg/ha or 13.6-20.9%.
The soybean cultivation technology with the application of DOLINA company formulations has proved well with other legumes – peas, nute, beans, lentils and other. After complex application of the formulations for seed and plant treatment extra yield exceeds 5-7 times cost of the formulations.