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Are you growing cucumbers, zucchinis, watermelons, melons? Then you just need this information!

Everyone who has experienced homegrown producing at least once in their life, was bound to face typical problems while growing agricultural products: unfavorable climatic conditions — drought, frost, heavy rainfall, hail, diseases and pests.

We offer a special complex of products, including a plant growth stimulator and micronutrient fertilizers, which will help your plant to survive the above mentioned adversities with minimum loss, and you will obtain an abundant and tasty harvest.

Plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® and micronutrient fertilizers of LURS® series

These formulations help to accelerate all the processes inside plants, due to which a leaf area increases, effecting positively photosynthesis, as well as causing more active accumulation of useful plastic substances. Plants become less susceptible to negative environmental influences and other unfavorable factors that arise during the vegetative phase of plant growth.

Application of the plant growth regulator VIMPEL® and micronutrient fertilizers of LURS® series provides outstanding results, including:
  • early production output (by 7-10 days);
  • the vegetables are larger with a better taste than non-treated ones;
  • higher content of vitamins and minerals, macro- and microelements in fruits;
  • storage period is increased: both vegetable flavor attributes and marketability are preserved for a substantially longer period;
  • the vegetables are natural and good for your health.
Scientific and field studies have shown that application of the technology with the growth stimulator VIMPEL® and micronutrient fertilizers LURS® leads to an incredible increase of the yield of cucumbers, zucchinis, watermelons, melons to 30%, and in some cases even up to 50%!

Substantive as well are the effects of the formulations VIMPEL® and LURS® on plants:

  • seeds are protected in the case of durable negative influence of the environment (lack of moisture);
  • increase of the germination rate and field germination of seeds;
  • strengthening of plant immune system, decreasing by 2 – 2.5 times disease development intensity;
  • water-use ratio is decreased by 16%;
  • positive impact on the root system development, resulting in better drought resistance (by 25-30%);
  • better frost resistance (plant hardiness is increased by 3-5°С);
  • elimination of the phytotoxic effects of herbicides and rapid relief of plants from stress, caused by pesticides and unfavorable environmental conditions;
  • economically more profitable, because they cost much cheaper than the analogues, presented by other producers, and are not inferior to them in terms of quality.

So how do we apply the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® and micronutrient fertilizers of LURS® series?

The formulations are easily soluble in water. We need only a bucket of water (10 liters) and the formulations. Pour the formulations into the water (use the recommended quantity) and mix. The solution is ready for application. Use manual or shoulder sprayer. Any sprayer will do. The main condition: droplets should be as small as possible. This influences greatly the efficacy of the applications.
HOW MUCH FORMULATIONS DO WE NEED? optimum application rate for cucurbits is 20 ml of the stimulator VIMPEL®, 20 ml of LURS® multikompleks, 20 – 30 ml of LURS® colofermin iron and 20 – 30 ml of LURS® colofermine boron per 10 l of water.

starting from the 3rd – 5th leaf emergence make 2 – 3 applications. The maximum effect is achieved if you supplement the foliar feeding with preliminary soaking of seeds and seedlings in the solution of the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® and complex micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit.

Since the formulations are perfectly combined with other biological products, fertilizers and plant protection products, moreover, they increase the effectiveness of their effect, all the necessary components can be safely added to one tank mixture. The formulations are environmentally safe and do not harm living organisms.

More details on the plant growth stimulator and micronutrient fertilizer properties, their storage conditions, application and compatibility with other formulations you can find in the tab "Specifications" in product descriptions

Purchase, apply, get your money’s worth! Have an abundant harvest at all times!