Plant growth stimulants

Do you want to increase the yield and quality of your products? Purchase the highly effective plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® from the authorized distributor of the formulation in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® is an environmentally friendly formulation, which has the properties of growth stimulator, adaptogen, thermo- and cryoprotectant, anti-stress agent, soil activator, disease inhibitor and adjuvant.

Plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® stimulates growth of your income!


Micronutrient fertilizers

Chelated microfertilizers of the LURS® series compensate for the lack of nutrients during the period of unfavorable growth conditions, enhance crop productivity by 15-27% and improve the product quality.

You can buy microfertilizers of the LURS® series from the managers of Agro Bunker Oü. Use contact details in the “Contacts” section.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend combining the chelated microfertilizers of the LURS® series and plant growth stimulator VIMPEL®.


For growers, gardeners and farmers

The universal technology of application of the growth stimulator and micronutrient fertilizers allows you to increase the yield of any plants you grow.

The quality of fruits improves: the content of sugars in fruits, starch in potatoes, minerals in vegetables increase. Fruit marketability and preservation capacity improve. The formulations are environmentally friendly.