Composition: g/L
Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 770
Washed salts of humic acids up to 30
Growth stimulant
Disease inhibitor
Adjuvant (filming agent)
Anti-stress agent
Soil activator
Volume of packages: 100 mL
1 L
5 L
10 L


VIMPEL® is a complex natural and synthetic regulator with systemic and contact properties for treatment of seeds and plants in the vegetative stage.
Why do we recommend purchasing the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL® ?  
1. Increase in productivity and quality indicators of the products due the enhanced content of protein, gluten, sugar, etc.
2. The formulation does not need any additional expenses for processing when being used in tank mixtures.
3. Protects the plants from frosts, increases drought resistance and immunity of plants.
4. Enhances the development and activity of soil microorganisms.
5. Enhances efficiency of pesticides and fertilizers by 20-30%.
The profit due to economic benefits from application of theVIMPEL® plant growth regulator is multiple times higher than the cost of the formulation purchase.
Growth stimulant. Polyethylene glycols with low molecular weight are conductors of macro- and microelements, as well as other formulations, applied together with the VIMPEL®. In addition, these polyethylene glycols structure free intracellular water, increasing its biological activity, and accelerates the processes of growth and photosynthesis. VIMPEL® regulates transpiration and intensity of mineral nutrition. Washed salts of humic acids enhance root formation and improve nutrition, promote the growth of the aerial part of plants.
Adjuvant. The formulation component of high molecular weight is characterized by high film forming ability. Due to this feature, VIMPEL® provides fixing of spraying formulations on the leaf surface, thus increasing effectiveness of biological products, plant protection products and micronutrient fertilizers. When VIMPEL® is added to water, the physical properties of the spraying solution change: the diameter of the droplets increases significantly (by 26-29%); the overall proportion of small and very large drops decreases.
Adaptogen, cryo- and thermoprotectant. The simultaneous action of polymers raises osmotic pressure directed inside of a cell. It also improves protein metabolism that is expressed in the synthesis of stress proteins, as well as in increase of sugar content in plants. These changes make a plant more resistant to adverse environmental conditions, the plants become more resistant to high and low temperatures, low humidity.
Anti-stress agent. Polyetylenglycols with low molecular weight activate the synthesis of specific stress proteins and enzymes that neutralize the negative effect obtained after treatment with pesticides.
Disease inhibitor. Polyethylene glycols, applied together with fungicides, dehydrate fungi and bacteria, reduce their biological activity, and increase susceptibility to the effectiveness of the formulation. Due to increased immunity, the plant incidence is reduced by 1.5 – 2 times, which causes decrease in the frequency of fungicidal plant treatments.
Soil activator. VIMPEL® activates root exudates of plants and activity of soil microorganisms. It becomes evident through the increased release of СО2 and nitrogen fixation. It supports a positive balance of humus accumulation. Active ingredients of the plant growth stimulator VIMPEL®enhance each other’s performance and make the formulation multifunctional; hence, it has the following properties: growth stimulant, adjuvant, adaptogen, cryoprotectant, thermoprotectant, anti-stress agent, disease inhibitor and soil activator.
Productivity increases by 10 – 30%.
Compatibility: the growth stimulator VIMPEL® performs well in tank mixes with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, macro-, micronutrient fertilizers and biological preparations (including inoculants). Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility.
Storage: the growth stimulator VIMPEL® does not lose its properties when frozen. In the case of freezing, place the container in hot water or a warm place until the formulation completely acquires a liquid state.
It is recommended for use in conjunction with the micronutrient fertilizers of LURS® series.