Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin iron
Composition g/L
Iron Fe 65
Nitrogen N 73
Sulfur SO3 93
Colofermine 606
Volume of packages: 1 L
5 L
10 L

Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin iron

LURS® colofermin iron is a concentrated micronutrient fertilizer for foliar feeding of field, vegetable and perennial crops.

*Colofermine is a multicomponent complexing agent (analogue of chelating agents), which consists of various organic compounds, optimally balanced for maximum absorption and plant uptake (up to 100%) of the corresponding nutrients (main active ingredient) in micronutrient fertilizers.

Depending on the type of micronutrient fertilizers, among other components, colofermin may contain colamine, various complexes of amino acids, micronutrients, including nitrogen, sulfur, sodium in sufficiently high concentrations (up to 280 g/L). Therefore, colofermin also serves as an additional source of plant nutrition.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, our formulations are more effective than the ones, produced by our competitors, even if they have a little higher concentration of an active ingredient.

colofermin iron eliminates effectively ferrum deficiency in plants. It does not contain any ballast additives, so it does not cause leaf burn. It is completely absorbed through the leaf surface of plants.

Ferrum is directly involved in the formation of chlorophyll, it is a part of a series of enzymes, influences the respiration rate of plants.

Particularly sensitive to iron deficiency are potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, corn, legumes, fruit crops and grapes. Iron deficiency is most often observed on calcareous soils. Phosphate fertilizers also affect the solubility of iron: addition of high doses of it promotes the formation of low-soluble iron phosphate in the soil.

When there is an iron deficiency, chlorosis develops. In leaves chlorophyll formation is suppressed, leaves lose their green color, darken and fall prematurely. Plant growth slows down.

At the first signs of chlorosis or as a preventive measure, when there is a low content of iron in the soil, it is necessary to carry out foliar treatments.

Application of LURS® colofermin iron no later than 5 days after the onset of the disease restores the color of the leaves.

The formulation contains a high concentration of ions of iron, which provides a reduction in dose of its application, and subsequently the costs per hectare.

Sulfur prevents the destruction of chloroplasts, which makes photosynthesis the most efficient. Nitrogen in LURS® colofermin iron is in ammonium and amide form, which enhances root development.

The formulation can be also used in hard water. Active substance of the formulation prevents from calcium sulphate (gypsum) formation.

Compatibility: LURS® colofermin iron performs well in tank mixes with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and biological preparations. Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility.

To avoid leaf and fruit burn, do not apply the formulations in high air temperatures. To obtain the maximum effect, it is advisable to conduct treatments in the evening.

Treatment during the flowering period is not recommended.

LURS® colofermin iron fier has a significant physiological effect on plants, namely:
  • improves the water-holding capacity of plant tissues, increases viscosity of protoplasm and osmotic pressure;
  • accelerates the rate of chlorophyll formation, prevents the destruction of chloroplasts;
  • stabilizes the intensity of plant respiration and redox processes;
  • enhances root development;
  • restores the color of discolored leaves.
It is recommended for use in conjunction with VIMPEL ®plant growth stimulator.