Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin copper
Composition г/л
Copper Cu 100
Nitrogen N 89
Sulfur SO3 126
Colofermine 374
Volume of packages: 100 mL
1 L
5 L
10 L

Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin copper

LURS® colofermin copper is a concentrated micronutrient fertilizer for foliar feeding of field, vegetable and perennial crops.

*Colofermine is a multicomponent complexing agent (analogue of chelating agents), which consists of various organic compounds, optimally balanced for maximum absorption and plant uptake (up to 100%) of the corresponding nutrients (main active ingredient) in micronutrient fertilizers.

Depending on the type of micronutrient fertilizers, among other components, colofermin may contain colamine, various complexes of amino acids, micronutrients, including nitrogen, sulfur, sodium in sufficiently high concentrations (up to 280 g/L). Therefore, colofermin also serves as an additional source of plant nutrition.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, our formulations are more effective than the ones, produced by our competitors, even if they have a little higher concentration of an active ingredient.

LURS® colofermin copper eliminates effectively copper deficiency in plants. It does not contain any ballast additives, so it does not cause leaf burn. It is completely absorbed through the leaf surface of plants.

Copper catalyzes the photosynthetic reactions, has a positive effect on the formation of chlorophyll and prevents its destruction. Copper is involved in the biosynthesis of lignin, thus preventing lodging of crops, especially when there are high doses of nitrogen fertilizers.

The most sensitive to copper deficiency are: spiked cereals, flax, corn, carrots, sugar beets, onions, alfalfa, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, beans and soybeans.

The lack of copper is observed on turfy and acidic sandy soils.

Symptoms of plant diseases when there is a deficiency of copper in the soil can be observed in the form of chlorosis, leaves curl as a result of their tips dieback. Apical leaves, where the lack of copper begins to be evident, become large in size and acquire pale color. Spiked cereals have poor fruit set. When applying LURS® colofermin copper all of the above mentioned diseases disappear, and plant productivity increases dramatically.

LURS® colofermin copper promotes an increase of protein in cereals and legumes, increases the amount of sugars in the roots and vitamin C content in fruits.

Nitrogen in the formulation is in amide form that is easily digested by leaf surface.
It is applied together with pesticides, growth stimulants and mineral fertilizer solutions with a wide pH range. The micronutrient fertilizer comprises water softener. Therefore, the use of any pesticides in hard water (high content of Ca 2+ and Mg2+) together with LURS® colofermin copper does not reduce their effectiveness. Hardness salts are securely bound by the formulation component without causing turbidity. Any danger of the calcium sulphate (gypsum) formation is eliminated.

LURS® colofermin copper performs well in tank mixes with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and biological preparations. Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility.

To avoid leaf and fruit burn, do not apply the formulations in high air temperatures. To obtain the maximum effect, it is advisable to conduct treatments in the evening.

Treatment during the flowering period is not recommended.

LURS® colofermin copper has a significant physiological effect on plants, namely:
  • prevents the lodging of crops, especially against the background of high doses of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • catalyzes the formation of chlorophyll and photosynthesis;
  • provokes an intensive water absorption by plant from the soil, increasing drought resistance;
  • enhances root development;
  • promotes an increase of protein in cereals and legumes, increases the amount of sugars in the roots and vitamin C content in fruits.
It is recommended for use in conjunction with VIMPEL ®plant growth stimulator.