Complex micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit
Composition g/L
Nitrogen N 20
Phosphorus P2O5 99
Potassium К2О 65
Sulfur SO3 57
Iron Fe 15
Copper Cu 5,4
Zinc Zn 5,4
Boron B 1,8
Manganese Mn 15
Cobalt Co 0,1
Molybdenum Mo 0,4
Volume of packages: 1 L
5 L
10 L

Complex micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit

LURS® Hit a unique complex liquid micronutrient fertilizer for treatment of seeds of field, vegetable, decorative crops, potato tubers, soaking of stalks, grafts, seedlings of grapes and horticultural crops for rooting.

Seed pre-treatment with the micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit provides plants with available nutrients, starting from the earliest stages of plant growth and development. Only four weeks after the beginning of germination a plant transfers to an independent feeding from the soil. During the stage of early seed development they need not only building material in the form of macroelements but also micronutrients. Due to the presence of available micronutrients the enzymatic processes in seeds are intensively activated.

The application is carried out in tank mixes with dressers.

The formulation affects positively root growth and development because its nitrogen is in the ammonium form.

LURS® Hit contains phosphorus, which is responsible for the root system development, winter hardiness of winter wheat and resistance to lodging. Plants are the most sensitive to a lack of phosphorus at a very early stage of growing. In the micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit phosphorus is a component of an organic molecule, which acts as a chelating agent, so it can be easily and quickly penetrated by the plant tissues.

Potassium in the fertilizer stimulates germination of seeds and cell division. Increased concentrations of nitrogen in the soil are not absorbed by plants without potassium, sulfur, copper, manganese and molybdenum.

Most metalloenzymes take part in the synthesis of various proteins, which in turn affect the growth processes.

Zinc affects the growth of plants with its participation in the synthesis of auxin (growth hormones). Zinc deficiency suppresses cell division rate, which leads to external changes. A characteristic feature of zinc deficiency is a partial delay, and often full stop of growth.

Due to boron growth hormones are freely transported to the apical points. Manganese and copper prevent plant infection by diseases.

All the metals in the LURS® Hit are chelated by an organic compound – etidronic acid, that’s why it is easily taken up by seeds. It creates highly stable chelates with metals, their decomposition results in a formation of compounds, which are easily digestible by plants.

The micronutrient fertilizer LURS® Hit comprises water softener. Therefore, the use of any pesticides in hard water (high content of Ca2+ and Mg2+) together with LURS® Hit does not reduce their effectiveness. Hardness salts are securely bound by the formulation component without causing turbidity. Any danger of the calcium sulphate (gypsum) formation is eliminated.

Compatibility: LURS® Hit performs well with dressers and biological preparations (including inoculants). Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility.

LURS® Hit has a significant physiological effect on plants, namely:
  • increases the seed growth energy up to 3-8%;
  • intensifies growth of the root system;
  • increases the resistance of plants to diseases by 18-30%;
  • due to more extensive root system it makes plants less susceptible to drought, lack of nutrients, more competitive to weeds.
Low cost of pre-sowing seed treatment has a high economic efficiency.

It is recommended to be applied in conjunction with VIMPEL® plant growth stimulator.