Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin zinc
Composition g/L
Zinc Zn 120
Nitrogen N 118
Sulfur SO3 144
Colofermine 374
Volume of packages: 1 L
5 L
10 L

Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin zinc

LURS® colofermin zinc is a concentrated micronutrient fertilizer for foliar feeding of potatoes, corn, vegetables and other crops (application rate – 20-30 mL pro 10 L water), grapes, berry crops and orchards (application rate – 40-50 mL pro 10 L water).
  • highly concentrated micronutrient fertilizer, which eliminates effectively zinc deficiency in plants;
  • enhances root development and regulates the growth of the vegetative mass;
  • enhances plant persistence to fungal diseases;
  • increases drought, cold and heat resistance;
  • increases sugar content of fruit and berry crops.
In which cases it is necessary to apply zink?

Symptoms of zinc deficiency develop throughout the plant or they are localized in the old lower leaves.
  • first just lower and middle leaves, and then all the plant leaves are covered with gray-brown and magenta spots;
  • young leaves are abnormally small and covered with yellow spots, take slightly upright position;
  • root system is poorly developed, stems are thin.
Which crops require zinc the most?

  • orchards (apples, pears)
  • potatoes
  • vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, beets)
  • onion
  • legumes
  • corn
  • grapes
  • sunflower

Soils with zinc deficiency and other factors affecting the absorption of zinc

Zinc deficiency is most often observed in sandy, sandy loam and calcareous soils. The need for zinc strongly increases at higher ambient temperatures.

Large doses of phosphorus and nitrogen increase the signs of zinc deficiency in plants.

What to do if there is a lack of zinc?

LURS® colofermin zinc is quickly absorbed through the leaf surface of plants and eliminates diseases caused by zinc deficiency.

Compatibility: LURS® colofermin zinc performs well in tank mixes with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and biological preparations. Prior to starting preparation of a tank mix, always check the formulations for compatibility.


The microfertilizer does not crystallize. Storage at low temperatures may result in the product gelling. Increase of ambient temperature causes the increment of the liquid viscosity. The composition of the microfertilizer allows conducting treatments at an air temperature above + 5°С.

To avoid leaf and fruit burn, do not apply the formulations in high air temperatures. To obtain the maximum effect, it is advisable to conduct treatments in the evening (at a temperature below + 25°С).

Treatment during the flowering period is not recommended.

The formulation contains a high concentration of zinc ions, which provides a reduction in rate of application and hence expenses per hectare.

It is recommended for use in conjunction with VIMPEL ®plant growth stimulator.