Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin phosphorus
Composition g/L
Phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 420
Nitrogen N 83
Colofermine 939
Volume of packages: 100 mL
1 L
5 L
10 L

Micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin phosphorus

LURS® colofermin phosphorus is a concentrated micronutrient fertilizer for foliar feeding of field crops, berries and orchards.
  • environmentally friendly, highly concentrated, liquid micronutrient fertilizer, convenient and safe to use;
  • due to the organic form it is better penetrated by the plant tissues and better consumed by the plant;
  • performs well with pesticides, growth stimulators, solutions of mineral fertilizers with a wide pH range (that is, those that are used on various types of soils).
In which cases it is necessary to add phosphorus?
  • plants become dark green, violet or purple;
  • edges of the lower leaves acquire yellow, brown or black color.
Which crops require phosphorus the most?

  • grapes
  • vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots)
  • corn
  • potatoes
  • orchards and berry crops (apple, pear trees, strawberries, raspberries)

What to do if there is a lack of phosphorus?

Application of the micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin phosphorus will help to eliminate the phosphorus deficiency in plants.

LURS® colofermin phosphorus has a significant physiological effect on plants, namely:

  • enhances root development;
  • improves immunity of plants;
  • decreases the percentage of fungal diseases;
  • supports the process of flowering;
  • accelerates ripening;
  • improves quality of seeds and fruits.

Application rates:

30 – 40 mL (vegetables and other crops), 40 – 50 mL (potatoes), 50 – 60 mL (grapes, corn, berry crops and orchards) per 10 L of water.


Does not crystallize. Storage at low temperatures may result in the product gelling. Increase of ambient temperature causes the increment of the liquid viscosity. The composition of the microfertilizer allows conducting treatments at an air temperature above + 5°С.

Attention! When combining the micronutrient fertilizer LURS® colofermin phosphorus with metal-containing formulations, residue may form. Before application, it is advisable to check their compatibility, using small doses.

For optimal effect, it is recommended to use in conjunction with VIMPEL ®plant growth stimulator.